Friday, July 27, 2012

Week 12

I was feeling great about myself this morning for so many reasons until I down loaded my progress pictures and saw myself.  Granted I still have almost 40lbs to go and these pictures were taken right after my workout this morning, but I still look horrible.  I don’t even know if I can really see a difference besides in the face maybe, and the top of my belly.  I know there is one though cause I now have a pile of “Too big for me clothes” and it’s growing.

So this week I was down to 192.4!!!  Yup, only 4.4lbs away from pre-pregnancy, which is the lowest I’ve been since my miscarriage in January 2008!

This week has been full of crappy un-energized work outs.  I did get up and do some sort of work out every day this week *which is way better than last week’s lazy ass no workout at all mornings*, but the calorie burns were no where near where they should have been and this morning I realized it’s because my effort was no where near where it should have been either.  I pushed myself this morning and burned almost 100 calories more than I normally do with the TJ Cardio Party Mix 1!  It felt good and I felt good.

Right now I’m in a “I don’t have anything to wear” stage because all the clothes that did fit me at this size got stretched out, my other clothes are still a bit too tight.  I have a love/hate relationship with the outfits I’m putting together.  One I love that my clothes are too big, but I hate how they hang on me.  Some make me look bigger than I am while others just make me look like I’m homeless.  My outfit was great this morning until I put it on and the pants were probably 2 inches too big!  Great feeling, but not good for getting out the door on time!

So here you have it, my hot mess post workout pictures…

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 11

Yes I’m a little late and only 2 days away from finishing week 12, but hey, better late than never, right?

A little recap…  Week 9 I weighed myself on Tuesday and then on week 10 I was on vacation for an entire week!  *yes that is an amazing feeling* On Week 11 I weighed myself on Friday.  So really it was 17 days between the Week 9 and Week 11 weigh ins. 

In those 17 days, I lost 1.8lb!!!  Now I know I can lose that much in just 7 days, but you know why that is amazing???  Because I was on VACATION for 7 of those days, plus I spent 2 more at my mother’s camp eating and drinking at basically a huge picnic that lasted for 2 days.  Oh yeah and I didn’t exercise once, BAD GIRL!  I really had all intentions, but my limited family time was much more important to me and I’m back at once again.

So here’s to hoping that week 12 is kind to me!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Kicks...

I love the way my new sneakers look.  A guy told me today, "Nice shoes, they're bright, very you".

Sure are...

PS - One of the greatest physical feelings ever is new socks!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My vacation was great.  Even though I spent the first 4 days feeling like crap, I still had a decent time.  I just went to bed early like normal.  Which was fine because I got to spend at least an hour every morning in this chair crocheting and listening to the waves crash against the rocks.  Most days, it was my favorite part of the day!

I ate like crap, as in I think I had 4 cheese burgers, devoured a bag of chips in 2 days, had an entire plate of shrimp scampi, plus 2 deep fried scallops, s'mores, campfire cones, etc...

I also didn't exercise once.  I had every intention of running the trails at the campground, but with feeling like crap basically each of us always having at least one of the girls with us, it was a challenge to try and fit it in.  I did get some exercise though from climbing the rocks to and from the water, going to the beach and walking back and forth numerous times between our cabin and our friends cabin.

I really think my lack of alcohol consumption was a good thing though.  With being sick and the thought of having to pump every time Baby girl ate, it wasn't that appealing.  There were a few nights I considered "tying one on", but the thought of having to get up and heat water on the stove to feed Baby girl at 2am just wasn't appealing.

I came home to find the scale reading 194.2, pretty close to the same thing it was reading before I left.  It went back up a little due to lack of water, but I'm pretty sure it's back down again and possibly even lower!  I don't know for sure though because for the last 2 days my scale has read E every time I step on it.  Hopefully I will make it to the store today for a new battery, and hopefully that is the problem.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 9

I am going to call this week a success and brag about a few things...

1 - I am officially in the Overweight BMI category!!!  It might only be by half a pound, but damn it I'm proud!

2 - Although today's weight is at 196.8, I had 4 days this week that I weighed in between 194.0 and 194.8. That's the 20lb mark people!!!  And only a few pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight!!!

I didn't get much exercise over the last few days because my little girl has been sick and that translates to mommy doesn't get much sleep.  Although I do think I got a pretty good calorie burn Saturday morning when I cleaned out my car.

The rest of this week and next week are going to be difficult!  I will be off 2 days this week (the 4th and 5th) and then on Saturday we leave for a week long camping trip.  Is it strange that I'm going to try and take my scale?  I really think it will help keep me on track.

My biggest problem though is going to be getting enough water.  That's always my problem when I'm not at work, I don't drink enough water.

I also think this will be the perfect time for me to switch my weigh in days to Fridays.  I'm going to think about that some more though.