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Hi, my name is Brandi.  I'm 29, 5'8" and currently 183lbs.

I have "dieted" so many times I can't count any more.  I've done weight watchers, nutrisystem and the HCG diet.  I've also invested in the Turbo Jam work outs and Jillian's 30 Day Shred.

1999 -  I was 16 and a MODEL! in the loosest terms of the word.  I went through the Barbizon modeling school and even worked there.  I got a few gigs on the runway and one in print.  I also went to a huge competition in New York City.  It was this competition that made me realize that at a size 8/10, even at 5'8" I was considered a "Plus Size" model.  You got it, PLUS SIZE.  I did get a couple of awards, but them classifying me as plus size changed my out look on the fame and the way girls look at themselves.  Even at 16 I knew it was wrong.  I was the average size girl.  I decided that wasn't what I wanted to strive for.

2001 - 145lbs, started college (Mechanical Engineering)  College did me no favors with the parties, greasy foods and late nights in the computer labs (eating said greasy food).  Oh and I worked for the Friendly's on campus and did catering *we got the left overs!*  I went to the gym randomly and walked up hill to most classes and my dorm, but it wasn't enough.  I met B in the Spring of 2003 while home on Spring Break (yes I was the loser that went home and not some exotic beach).

2005 - Somewhere around 170, I graduated college.  B and I went out A LOT.  We ate out A LOT!  Oh but did we have fun, most nights... boy I'm glad we don't do that any more.

2006 - I think I was nearing 185 when B proposed and we set the date for August 2007.  Using Turbo Jam and trying to watch what I ate I got back down to 165 and felt great about myself on my wedding day.  I even wore a 2 piece bathing suit on my honeymoon!  

In December of 2007 we found out I was pregnant. I quit smoking.

2008 - I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks in January.  This sent me into a depression and the following 9 months of trying with no success just made it worse and worse as time went by. Oh and I started smoking again. At one point I tried the nutrisystem diet.  In August, just before my original due date (a day I was dreading) I found out I was pregnant again.  I was a nervous reck and quit smoking again (for good).  I started my pregnancy at my highest weight of 195.

2009 - I weighed in at 255 the day Lillian was born in April.  Even though I was breast feeding and trying to walk when I could, my weight loss leveled off at 212, my new highest weight.  I stayed at this weight for a long time.  I was depressed, but still did nothing about it.  I was one of those people who I hate that just complain about their weight and being fat, but do nothing to change it!

2011 - After about a year of trying to get pregnant again I decided that my obese *gasp* weight could be contributing to the problem.  I decided to start the HCG diet.  I lost 20lbs in 30 days with no exercise.  After the diet I lost another 4lbs to get down to 188lb.  I started the C25K program. Weight loss did not help us get pregnant and in May we started fertility testing.  Turned out my tubes were blocked.  In June I ran the Chase Corporate Challenge, a 3.5 mile run and I was proud of myself for finishing, and with an unexpected time around 45 minutes!  Just before my sister's 21st birthday on July 2nd I found out I was expecting again.  With my constant nausea, that was almost like motion sickness, all eating ideals went out the window.  I ate whatever made me feel better and able to function.  I tried to keep up with the running, but found myself at 4am way to tired to get out of bed.

8 Weeks Pregnant
2012 - 246 in March when Delaney was born.  Again my weight plateaued, this time at 214lbs.  This time I decided I was not going to let it get the best of me.  At 4 weeks post partum I started the C25K program again.

I have now completed the C25K program and ran the Chase Challenge again (although it was shortened to 2 miles due to severe heat advisory).  I have currently lost 30lbs and completed the 30 Day Shred.

To see my progress pictures head on over to my Progress Page.
The results of my 30 Day Shred are Here.

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