Friday, September 7, 2012

Weigh in and Shred Results

Since last night was the first night if bowling I was really nervous about getting on the scale this morning.   We all know what beer can do to a weigh in. Although I was good last night, drank water through the 3rd game.

Drum roll please... 184.4!  That's right, my biggest loss in over a month!  And I'm now down a total of 30 lbs!  Yes I'm a happy girl today.

Now for my shred results...

I've been nervous to take pics. I know my clothes are fitting better and I'm shrinking out of some is them, but I didn't know how noticeable it would be. So what so you think?

I also need to complain a little. My husband sucks with a camera!  Hence the horrible quality of pics above  Which make him being the one to take my pictures frustrating to me. It also frustrates me that he doesn't understand why they are so important to me. Important we stand in the same spots and use the same zoom and such. I hate having to adjust the size of the pics so that my body is the same height in them.

I'm also thinking about adding an exercise journal tab. Would my wonderful readers be interested in knowing what exercises I'm doing on a daily basis?

Now get off your ass and burn some calories! 

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  1. Hi! Just found your blog and congrats on your success! I don't blog but am looking to find a weight loss buddy! I'm on fb or email or texting.


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