Monday, October 29, 2012

Moving On

It seems like its been much longer than 5 months since I started this blog.  It seems even stranger to be saying this is going to be the last post.

But this is not the end!  I'm just moving... And I'm really hoping everyone follows me over to Mama's Losing It.  All of my posts from this blog has been merged with my posts from Dreaming of Baby.  I will continue to post about my weight loss journey, including my weekly weigh ins and exercise, along with my family life and parenting.

So please head on over to Mama's Losing It. and check out my first post A New Beginning surprise, surprise it is weight loss oriented!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

    Well I think this is going to be my last Weekly Weigh in on this blog, but more about that in a minute…

I didn’t really know what I was expecting this week on the scale, but it certainly wasn’t what I saw…


That’s right, a gain of 2.8lbs.  I really don’t think it’s all actual fat, but more water weight.  Still, it’s not good.  I’m not happy about and it makes my emotional status from the last week even worse.

My emotions have been up and down.  I have felt discourage and defeated and then felt accomplishment and pride.  I’ve felt tired and moody and then excited and energized all in the same day.  It’s been a roller coaster of a week and this morning was just an awful end to that.  I was exhausted when I got up, but I did get up, I did put on my workout clothes and my running shoes.  I did my warm up, ran less than a minute and gave up.  I walked a few minutes and then felt like it was pointless and shut’er down.  I stood there leaning on the treadmill fighting with myself.  Asking myself why it is so hard today? Why can’t you push yourself?  What the hell is wrong with your mood, you know you’ll feel better if you run?

But I just couldn’t do it.  I lost the battle this morning.  Although I feel like crap inside today, I think I look pretty good outside (besides my hair, mad do I need to get it done).
I look better in this dress now than when I bought it!

I have decided that this weekend is being dedicated to 2 things.  1. My disaster of a house and 2. Making a meal plan for a week with extra meal ideas for a month.  

On Monday I will start tracking EVERYTHING again.  I need to, it’s how I started and it worked!  Hopefully while making out my meal plan I can write down the calories per serving of each so when it comes to tracking it’s just a matter of actually measuring the food.

I might all have a few dates with Jillian every week again.  I want to keep running, but I need to get more strength training in there.  I need to work on the core muscles harder.

As for this being my last weigh in on this blog… It’s because as of Monday I will be posting at  Feel free to head on over and take a peak.  I’m sure it will be changing some in the months to come, but I’m very excited to have it up and running.  In addition to writing about my weight loss, I will be writing about my family life, my kids and life in general.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catching Up

I wish I could say I haven't been slacking, but the truth is I have.  Not intentionally, but some of it I have been completely aware of and done nothing to fix it.

Yesterday I hit a low.  After a night of drinking too much (I may or may not have expelled everything Sunday morning) and not eating healthy at all for 2 days I was really down on myself.  I didn't get to run Monday or Tuesday because the baby was up to eat once again at my run time.  But now all of a sudden it was taking 45 minutes to get her back to sleep.

I don't know why I drink.  I mean yeah I have fun when I'm doing it, but I always feel like crap about it and tend to get depressed for a few days after.  Yesterday when the hubby asked what was wrong I told him I just need a run, some sort of exercise.  There is more that could fix my mood, but it wouldn't be as quick as a good run or workout.

Well I got my run in this morning!  And the baby slept the whole time!  I think it's the longest run I've had in a while!

 I was very happy to see that even with not running for 4 days my pace wasn't effected and neither was my endurance.  I think I actually had more endurance today than last week.  Maybe it was just all the steam I was letting off?

I'm so happy to see that I'm averaging a 10:30 mile (the first mile had a 3 minute walk warm up).  I'm just happy to be able to run a 5k now.  Makes me wonder how I would actually do on pavement.  Maybe one of these weekends I'll try and find some where to run.  My house isn't exactly located in a friendly running area.

Today I'm feeling good.  I hope I get to run again tomorrow!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

Well, let's get right to it...

I'm not all that pleased with this number.  I mean really, I couldn't lose another .1 to see that 179.9?  Oh well, it's going to be a good day anyway!

I had a great run this morning...

This is a pace I feel comfortable with and it would actually be better I didn't do a warm up and cool down.  I have to that early in the morning though.  This morning I was wishing I could run outside.  To feel like I'm going somewhere.  To really have my thoughts to myself and concentrate on just running, but it is what it is and for now this is what I have.  

Plus last night I had my highest consistent bowling scores.  I've been pretty steady at the 370 series scores.  Not stellar by any means, people aren't lining up to have me on their team, but when I started 2 years ago I could barely make a 300 series.  Well last night I had my first 400 series!  It was a 453 and my scores were consistent! 151, 161, 141.  Consistency it a big problem for me.  And I thought it was pretty neat they were all a difference of 10.

Now why am I really excited?   It's Sister's Weekend!  What is Sister's Weekend you ask?  It's a weekend where my MIL, her sister and SIL and her daughter and a family friend all go up to a cabin sit around in our pajamas, drinking beer, eating junk and watching movies.  It's every mom's dream!  I'm really gonna have to work my ass off next week.  The planned food: chicken wing dip, macaroni and cheese, ribs, cake balls, pumpkin truffles, breakfast casserole, spiced (rum) cider.  Part of me says take some healthy food, the other part says why bother?  We'll see...

Hope everyone has as good a weekend planned as I do!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I finally did it this morning. I got my ass out of bed, although I was freezing, put on my running clothes, and shoes and got on the treadmill.

It was a rough one today.  I knew it would be since I haven't run in almost a week.  Plus I forgot my water glass at home yesterday so I was dehydrated.  Boy was I right.  That dip is where I had to walk for a few minutes.  I can normally run through the side pain and it goes away, but this time it moved straight to my abs around my sternum and was SHARP, almost take your breath away sharp.  I had some water while I walked and got back at it.

And because I went at a slower pace (4.7) today I decided for the last 5 minutes I'd bump it up to 5.  I hate feeling like I want to keep going when I finish.  Makes me feel like I should have pushed harder.  Not that I wasn't sweaty and all, but if I can keep going, I want to do it.  Maybe tomorrow I'll try for the 3 miles at 5 again.  You know since I remembered my water today!

So I decided to step on the scale just to see how much damage my lack of exercise and water has done and I was surprised to find I'm at .4lb less than I was on weigh in day.  It has me motivated to be strong the next few days.  179 is so close I can taste it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What's Up?

Ugh what is up with me?  I can't get my ass out of bed.  Yesterday Lillian woke up at 3.  Yes 3 and stayed awake.  She kept asking me to cuddle and when I tried to get up it was "where are you going?" so I stayed with her even though I didn't get any sleep.

Today I have no idea what happened.  I had my alarm set for 3:30, but when I woke up and actually looked at the clock it was 4:50.  Could I have really hit snooze that many times without realizing it?

I'm mad at myself and confused.  How could I have been so proud of myself last Thursday and now not be motivated enough to get my ass out of bed.  I want to see 179 so bad this week, but at this rate I'll be lucky to stay at 180!
I MUST get my ass outta bed tomorrow!!!