Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

Well, let's get right to it...

I'm not all that pleased with this number.  I mean really, I couldn't lose another .1 to see that 179.9?  Oh well, it's going to be a good day anyway!

I had a great run this morning...

This is a pace I feel comfortable with and it would actually be better I didn't do a warm up and cool down.  I have to that early in the morning though.  This morning I was wishing I could run outside.  To feel like I'm going somewhere.  To really have my thoughts to myself and concentrate on just running, but it is what it is and for now this is what I have.  

Plus last night I had my highest consistent bowling scores.  I've been pretty steady at the 370 series scores.  Not stellar by any means, people aren't lining up to have me on their team, but when I started 2 years ago I could barely make a 300 series.  Well last night I had my first 400 series!  It was a 453 and my scores were consistent! 151, 161, 141.  Consistency it a big problem for me.  And I thought it was pretty neat they were all a difference of 10.

Now why am I really excited?   It's Sister's Weekend!  What is Sister's Weekend you ask?  It's a weekend where my MIL, her sister and SIL and her daughter and a family friend all go up to a cabin sit around in our pajamas, drinking beer, eating junk and watching movies.  It's every mom's dream!  I'm really gonna have to work my ass off next week.  The planned food: chicken wing dip, macaroni and cheese, ribs, cake balls, pumpkin truffles, breakfast casserole, spiced (rum) cider.  Part of me says take some healthy food, the other part says why bother?  We'll see...

Hope everyone has as good a weekend planned as I do!

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