Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My vacation was great.  Even though I spent the first 4 days feeling like crap, I still had a decent time.  I just went to bed early like normal.  Which was fine because I got to spend at least an hour every morning in this chair crocheting and listening to the waves crash against the rocks.  Most days, it was my favorite part of the day!

I ate like crap, as in I think I had 4 cheese burgers, devoured a bag of chips in 2 days, had an entire plate of shrimp scampi, plus 2 deep fried scallops, s'mores, campfire cones, etc...

I also didn't exercise once.  I had every intention of running the trails at the campground, but with feeling like crap basically each of us always having at least one of the girls with us, it was a challenge to try and fit it in.  I did get some exercise though from climbing the rocks to and from the water, going to the beach and walking back and forth numerous times between our cabin and our friends cabin.

I really think my lack of alcohol consumption was a good thing though.  With being sick and the thought of having to pump every time Baby girl ate, it wasn't that appealing.  There were a few nights I considered "tying one on", but the thought of having to get up and heat water on the stove to feed Baby girl at 2am just wasn't appealing.

I came home to find the scale reading 194.2, pretty close to the same thing it was reading before I left.  It went back up a little due to lack of water, but I'm pretty sure it's back down again and possibly even lower!  I don't know for sure though because for the last 2 days my scale has read E every time I step on it.  Hopefully I will make it to the store today for a new battery, and hopefully that is the problem.

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