Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 11

Yes I’m a little late and only 2 days away from finishing week 12, but hey, better late than never, right?

A little recap…  Week 9 I weighed myself on Tuesday and then on week 10 I was on vacation for an entire week!  *yes that is an amazing feeling* On Week 11 I weighed myself on Friday.  So really it was 17 days between the Week 9 and Week 11 weigh ins. 

In those 17 days, I lost 1.8lb!!!  Now I know I can lose that much in just 7 days, but you know why that is amazing???  Because I was on VACATION for 7 of those days, plus I spent 2 more at my mother’s camp eating and drinking at basically a huge picnic that lasted for 2 days.  Oh yeah and I didn’t exercise once, BAD GIRL!  I really had all intentions, but my limited family time was much more important to me and I’m back at once again.

So here’s to hoping that week 12 is kind to me!

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