Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pushing, Underwear, Sodium & Carbs

Like the title?  It's really just some random stuff that was running through my mind this morning as I was working out.  Pick your chin up off the ground, it's not that amazing that I did a full work out!

For some reason this week I've decided I want to push myself with my runs.  The interval running I've been pushing myself with the interval running I've been doing since 6mph is FAST for me.  But I didn't feel like I was pushing enough.  So yesterday instead of intervals I wanted to see if I could run at 5mph for an extended time.  I did it!  12 minutes at 5mph.  I'm pretty sure I was only going 4.5 last time ran for any extended amount of time.  Then this morning I decided to go for 5.5mph.  Yeah that was a little fast, but I did it for 5 minutes! and then I continued on with my normal interval and felt better when I was done.  And also my pace was under 12 minutes!!!  My goal is to have an average pace of around 11 so since I plan on sticking with just a 20 minute run for a while I'm going to keep working on my pace.

I'm having issues.  Seems my ass is shrinking!  Sounds great, but it means my underwear is getting lose in the ass, which means that when I run it moves around, scrunches up and whatever else I can't quite find the words to explain.  Now, I have underwear that still fit, but I get dressed for the day after my shower, which is after my morning workout.  Like most people (I'm making an assumption here) I wear the same underwear until I get in the shower again the next morning.  So I end up with issues.  Just had to vent about that...

Sodium & Carbs...
SUCK!  I ate so good yesterday!  I had over 1000 calories left for dinner and all I had was a seasoned pork chop and some stuffing.  OK, it was probably 2 servings of stuffing, but either way, I had 1000 cals left (not counting my exercise cals).  Plus I drank almost 100oz of water.  What did I wake up to this morning, a gain on the scale...  Then I remembered telling my mom the chops were a little salty tasting.  So yeah, I have a love hate relationship with sodium and carbs right now.

Now that you've read all my rambling, get off your ass and do something!


  1. Great job on the intervals! Sounds like to need to treat yourself to some new undies as a reward. :)

  2. Great workout!! You should get the running shorts from Target that have the "undies" build right in!! they are FABULOUS!!! No worrying about them falling off your ass or riding up!!!


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