Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 19 Weigh In

A little recap of this week…

Sunday I ate like a pig, shoveling greasy, cheesy, hot sausage dip yumminess into my mouth uncontrollably.  I even sat across the room from it and it was beckoning me… really, it was saying “Brandi, eat me… eat me… just one more bite…”  Yeah not my finest moment, but damn it was good!

Monday was a hectic day and besides having a second burger (no buns) I didn’t do too bad with my eating.

Tuesday was a shitastic day and although I brought a nice healthy lunch to work, I let my mom treat me to Mexican, it was so yummy and I ate too much, but damn, we hadn’t gone out for Mexican in forever!  Then it was pork chops and potatoes for dinner with some really yummy sautéed veggies.

Wednesday I was a good girl, but

Thursday, well Thursdays are tough.  I drank 7, yes that s-e-v-e-n 24oz glasses of water!  
I use a dry erase marker to mark every time I finish a glass.
 And then I followed it up with at least a pitcher of beer at bowling last night.  Oh and did I mention we had spaghetti for dinner too?

What did I do right this week you ask, well I got my ass out of bed and did Workout 1 EVERY DAY!  Including today even though when I woke up my brain said “you are tired, go back to bed, your head hurts, go back to bed.”  I refused!  When I did my run, the little devil on my shoulder said “if you can’t run the 2 minutes at 6, it’s ok, you’re a little off this morning.” But that sweatband, spandex wearing (think 80’s workout clothes all hot pink and neon yellow) said “Bitch run!  That was last night and this is today!”  and guess what, she was right!  I did my entire workout to the max and man can my muscles feel it!  That’s right, I have muscles, muscles you can see!
Yes I know they still need work...

So anyway, my hard work paid off…

Down another 1.4!  It dawned on me today that I’ve over half way to my goal now!  And only 3lbs away from a number I haven’t seen in almost 5 years! 
Feeling good about myself this week.
My "feeling skinny"outfit (in yellow)
is now my "feeling fat" outfit!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! I think that yellow shirt looks great on you.

    1. Thank you! It's currently one of my favorites, not that I have many to choose from right now.

  2. you look fabulous!! that yellow is a good color on you too!!


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