Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Crap Shoot Of Life

I had all intentions of turning things around this week.  And my intention was to start on Saturday.  *Notice the use of the word intentions*  Since I was a single mom Saturday, things didn’t really pan out.  I was still feeling the effects of the depression from Friday (which a nice long run would have done wonders for) and both girls got up at the crack ass of dawn.  Really, they were both up by 7am, and yes as much as I want this, I’m not getting my ass out of bed before 6am on a Saturday or Sunday.

Then plans changed drastically.  I was supposed to watch my 11 and 2 year old cousins while my aunt and uncle attended a banquette for my mom’s pool and poker leagues.  Turns out one of the kids wasn’t feeling well.  So mom, wonderful mom that she is, offered to buy me drinks if I could find a sitter.  After several hours of trying, I came up empty handed.

Then it was Pocca (my sister, Monica) to the rescue!  She wasn’t feeling up to going out so she drove all the way home from school to watch the girls for the night so I could go out.  She’s my hero!

I had a blast!  I can honestly say I was the best looking girl in the bar, except for the one 16 year old that came in to pick up her mom.  Many of the people I hadn’t seen since having baby number one.  All the compliments I received were awesome and so welcomed, I don’t think you could have punched the smile off my face!  Here I am enjoying a treat at the end of the night…

Sunday brought on Football, where I could have eaten better, but it was pretty much all I ate all day so I didn’t really care, plus I was a little hung over.  I was happy to get a nap during the game though.

And then the real shit storm started.  Laney was up most of the night Sunday night.  I didn’t get one straight hour of sleep.  She was up when my alarm went off at 3:30 and she was still up when I normally start my workout at 4 and still up again when I’m normally showering at 5.  Needless to say I didn’t work out, or shower…  I did take her to the doctor Monday, but Monday night wasn’t the best either.  Although I did at least get to sleep in my bed for an hour straight.  I didn’t get up to work out and then woke up freaking out at 5:50 because I fell asleep feeding her at 4:30 (after turing my alarm off) and only had 30 minutes to get out the door.  Last night was a little better, but by 2am she was screaming out every half hour or so trying to comfortable.  Yeah, no workout today either.  I’m running on fumes and wondering if this little story here is even going to make sense when I’m done.  And honestly I’m not going to go back and read it, I might fall asleep right here if I do.

So here’s to hoping for more sleep tonight and the strength to get my ass out of bed in the morning…

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