Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

Only 3 more weeks and I will be half way to my goal of losing all this weight in 1 year.  I'm happy to say that I'm currently 3lbs past half way in the weight department.  Problem is, it's only going to get harder.  But that's Ok, if it were easy, everyone would be fit.

So here's this morning's date with the scale...

Down another 1.6lbs!  I can't wait to see the 170's next week!  I haven't been in the 170s since my honeymoon 5 years ago! I told the hubby about it this morning and he said "Wow, you're gonna catch me, I might actually have to exercise."  (He is at 176)
I told him "You bet your ass I'm gonna catch you! And run right past without looking back!"

Last night was bowling, which pretty much always means unhealthy eating and beer.  Well, yesterday morning was so motivational that I got a pizza and a LARGE salad for me.  I had the one smallest piece of pizza and my salad before leaving, only had ONE BEER (yeah don't know how I did that) and a small slice of pizza at bowling.  I was all about accomplishment yesterday!  Not so much today...

This morning's run wasn't any where near as motivating as yesterday's.  I almost didn't get up.  But I did, And I started to run, but my whole body felt like jello.  My muscles were sore and worn out from yesterday's run.  Driving home from work last night my thighs ached just driving.  So I walked for a mile this morning and called it quits.  Hey, it's better than nothing... And it took me a long time to get over that "All or nothing" attitude.

Have a good weekend my Peeps!  Get up, get out and get some exercise!

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  1. You go girl!! =) You've lost almost 34 lbs in 5 months! That is awesome!!! You seriously are an inspiration to me, I want to see my scale go down too and I want to get dedicated to exercising again ... Thanks for sharing your journey with us bloggers =) ... Keep it up, can't wait for the 170's next week!!


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