Thursday, June 14, 2012

Morning Motivator

I didn't realize until now how much better I feel and my attitude is when I get a good work out in the morning.  Last night baby girl was up late and I didn't get to sleep until after 10.  My alarm going off at 3:30 wasn't enough sleep for this girl.  I hit snooze until after 4!  What this meant was that I was only going to have time to do my Ab Jam video and not the run I was planning too.  I was ok with this because I AM TIRED.  After the work out I looked at my HRM and realized I didn't even burn 100 calories.  Yes I know I worked my abs very well since they were sore, but I didn't feel that accomplishing high pride that I normally feel in the morning.  That feeling makes anything the morning feels like throwing at me not seem so bad.  Not so much this morning.  I am irritable and not as happy and energized.  Not to self, next time skip the toning and do the run!  I know I would have felt better if I'd run for that 20 minutes!

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