Friday, June 8, 2012

Weigh In Days

I'm thinking about switching my weigh in days from Tuesday to Friday.  In reality it may not actually matter, but I'm finding that my Tuesday weights may still be effected by dehydration over the weekend.  I went from 205.2 on Tuesday to 200 today!

These are my weights so far this week:
Monday Jun 4 206.4
Tuesday Jun 5 205.2 -1.2
Wednesday Jun 6 202.8 -2.4
Thursday Jun 7 201.0 -1.8
Friday Jun 8 200.0 -1.0

That's a total of 6.4lbs lost in 5 days, obviously it isn't all actual weight!

My point is, although I still weigh myself most days, I don't want my weekly weigh in being effected that much by my hydration level and screw ups over the weekend.


  1. Hi, I just happened to stumble upon your blog when I was reading Mamalaughlin's blog! I have to say reading your blog pretty much sounds just like me! Except I haven't had a baby since last year but I'm trying to lose weight before getting pregnant again. I have switched my weigh in day to Fridays as well. It has really helped me because I tend to not do very well on the weekends and then I have the week to make it up. I am also using MFP and eating 1200 calories a day. I had started C25K as well but I had an injury and haven't got back on track. It has taken me since Feb. to lost 10.2 lbs but I can honestly say I haven't been 100 % committed to it. I will be for one week and then not so much the next but as time is going on I am getting more committed. I have also tried all the diets you have. I was recently on weight watchers but I would fluculate between 190 and 188 and could never get under 188 so I switched to MFP and since then I am now 186.8! I was reading about the heart montior you got, where did you buy that at? I think I really need one of those :)

  2. Hi rlw! I'm glad you found my blog, I was wondering if anyone was reading! Not that it's all that interesting, but maybe some day it can be inspiration to some one. My next post was actually going to be about weekends, I'm horrible! Way to go on 10lbs, it's hard, right now I have the advantage of nursing, but let me tell you it certainly makes calorie counting more of a pain.

    I got my hrm at They were the cheapest I found. I love it! I'm not a huge fan of having to put my data into my own spreadsheet so I'm considering buying the flowlink transmitter, but for $50 I'm not sure it's worth it. Anyway, before ordering search for heartratemonitorsusa coupons and you can pretty much get free 2 day shipping, I think it cost me $.45 for the upgrade.

    Feel free to find me on MFP my screen name is BrandiH2007


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