Friday, June 29, 2012

300 Calorie Dinner

That's right, this dinner was only 300 calories and I was full after eating it!
Grilled Chicken Caprese with Balsamic Sauce and Green Giant Basil Vegetable Medely
And as always accompanied by a nice tall glass of water.
The Grilled Chicken Caprese recipe can be found here.  I used 2lbs of chicken which was 3 large breasts that I cut in half the long way.  I also doubled the sauce because I'm a balsamic whore.  LOVE IT!!!  I used approximately 1oz of cheese per piece of chicken.It was delish!  

And bonus for lunch today I have chicken that has been soaking in balsamic glaze to put on my salad today!  Skipping the tomato and cheese makes my 3 oz of chicken for my salad only 100 calories, add 2 cups of lettuce, some onion, tomato and a serving of Simply Delicious Balsamic dressing and you have a nice 270 calorie lunch! (it would be less if I didn't eat the entire package of cherry tomatoes!)  Oh and look there's that water again, this time flavored with Black Cherry Mio.  I love that stuff!!!

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