Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 6

I am impressed with myself this week.  I'm down 4.2lbs this week!  I finally got over that 205 mark!!!

While I didn't actually try a new work out this weekend I am so happy to say that I did go for a run, a run outside!  We went to my mother's camp for the night and they just put side walks in around some of the side streets.  Well guess what, out the driveway to the right and follow the new side walks back is exactly 3 miles!  Guess what else, I ran THE WHOLE THING!  Yup, all besides about 30 seconds when I had a cramp in my side, but I quickly remembered a picture I saw that said "When I get a cramp I run faster so it will be over with sooner!"  So I picked the pace back up and got myself back!  I finished in about 30 minutes.  This really boosted my confidence for the 3.5 mi Chase Challenge that is coming up a week from today!

Also last week I worked out 6 days and included Strength training on 2 days!  I love feeling my muscles tone, even if you can't really see them yet!  In the last 3 weeks I've lost a total of  5.5 inches.  2.5 from my waist, from my hips 1, and 1 from each thigh.  Getting to put clothes in the too big for me bin is a great feeling!!!

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