Monday, May 21, 2012

On the Mend

Thursday after posting about my pinched nerve, it got pretty bad.  I could barely move my arms without being in pain.  Around 2 I decided to leave work before I couldn't drive myself home.  I tried heat, I tried ice and I tried Motrin.  The only thing that helped even a little was the heat, but once I had to move again, my bliss was gone.  The night was horrible trying to get comfortable.  Friday morning when my alarm went off I painfully got myself into a sitting position, then put my feet on the floor, problem was, I couldn't stand up from there.  I said the hell with it and crawled right back in bed.

All day Friday I tried different things.  I would get myself in an ok position, but then when it was time to move I would be sore again.  It didn't matter if I sat up or laid down or even stood up, if I could stay still I was ok.  Finally I decided to lay down with the heating pad again and ended up taking a 4 hour nap!!!  To my surprise I woke up in a little less pain.  I loved that I was at least able to sit with my family and have dinner.  By the time I went back to bed though I was once again in some serious pain.

Saturday morning I woke up in no quite so much pain, but my muscles were sore and my nerve was definitely still pinched.  After trying to just deal with it I decided I didn't want to spend the whole weekend inside so I took a large dose of ibuprofen.  Within a half hour I was able to function some what normally although certain movements still made the nerve hurt.  I stuck with taking the pain med through the day and even had to take one in the night, but I woke up Sunday morning feeling much less pain.  I took another dose around 7am and that was that.  All of a sudden there was no more pinched nerve and I could move normally again.

This morning I got up and was able to complete my workout without any pain.  Only thing left lingering is a little stiffness between my shoulder blades that I have been slowly stretching all day.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be 100%.  Plus it's weigh in day, not sure how I feel about that with my lack of exercise this week.  I tried really hard to watch my calories in it's absence.  

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