Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Week 3

It's been an up and down week.  I was very frustrated with my lack of activity due to the pinched nerve, but I feel that I did pretty well balancing it out with my eating to still lose 1.8lbs.  Hopefully this week will be better!

Yesterday I did cardio and today I did abs.  I really want to get back into running, but with Lillian having gymnastics tonight it's usually straight home, dinner, tub and bed.  That leaves no time to re-adjust the belt on the treadmill.  If only I lived somewhere it was reasonable to run outside.

I also realized that I haven't been doing so well with my eating every few hours.  Starting today I'm going to do that again!

I'm debating on buying a heart rate monitor.  I really wanted the Nike+ Fuel Band because it tracks all the activity you do in a day, but I have a feeling a heart rate monitor will give me a more accurate reading on how much I'm truly burning when I exercise.  If anyone has some advice on either I'd love to hear it!

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