Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 4

This has been a very difficult week for me.  It started off feeling sluggish with having to take time off of exercising because of the pinched nerve, then the realization that I wasn't eating enough calories to keep up my milk supply, then a plugged milk duct that prevented me yet again from exercising because it hurt all the way up into my arm pit just sitting there.  I won't even mention the pain of moving my arm around (an of course this was the same side I had the pinched nerve on!

I feel that weight loss is a learning and "growing" process though.  Through this week I've found that I have a hard time tracking my food in take when I feel that I'm eating too much.  Which, considering the long holiday weekend and alcohol consumption I don't think I did bad at all.  I'm pretty sure that my .4lb weight gain can be attributed to my lack of water over the last 3 days and the extra milk I had when I weighed myself this morning (baby girl slept through the night!!!)

I also realized though, that when I don't track what I eat I basically don't watch what I eat.  It's like I'm all or nothing and that is the WRONG way to be!  Giving just a little is better than giving nothing at all!

So to start this week, rather than staying in bed, where I wanted because I was sleeping well and it was already 80* at 3:45 AM!  I told myself I had to do some sort of exercise.  I debated on what TurboJam video to do cause you know the Ab Jam is way easier and shorter that a Cardio Party, but I decided I needed to sweat and I put Cardio Party 1 in with the thoughts of doing as much as possible.  While I was a little sluggish at times I was very surprised, and happy I finished the whole 40 minutes!!!  I was soaked and it felt great!

Here's to a nice healthy week with lots of exercise!

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