Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pinched Nerve???

I'm pretty sure it's a pinched nerve.

The pain started out yesterday right about where the red circle is.  This morning when I stretched it started to feel better.  I decided to move on with my work out taking it easy on the shoulders.  It was a little sore when I finished, but nothing major.  I've had this pain before and what normally cures it is ignoring it and working through the ache.  Well after my shower it seemed to be getting worse and worse.  When I left for work I couldn't look down in the sitting position and some random movements would take my breath away.  Now, I've been at work for 5 hours and just about any movement makes me want to cry.  The pain is now in all these places...
 It hurts pretty much no matter how I move my arms or head.  Sitting and standing hurts and just about every step I take hurts.  I tried taking some motrin but it was no use.  I've also used my shock thing like what the chiropractor uses and it hasn't done any good either.  I really just want to go lay down and sleep it away!

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