Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why Did I Do That???

This is a post that was on MFP today that was a great reminder.

I bet you're thinking that. I know I have. But I read this and it put my mind at rest. 



Take a deep breath and put your thinking cap on. 

I’m going to hit you with some wisdom, ok? 

Take your weight loss calorie goal, and just toss that number out the window. We’re not going to talk about that right now. We’re going to talk about that minor (or major) freak out we sometimes have when we’re having a really good week, eating really well, then we lose our damn minds and stuff our faces with delicious delicious junk food. 

2000 calories is about what your body needs to maintain your weight and keep all your organs doing all those lovely keeping you alive things that they do. Your body burns all those calories at rest. That means that while you’re sitting on your ass, walking to the fridge and back, scrolling through tumblr, etc etc.. your body is making you breathe and make new cells and **** and burns those 2000 calories. 

To gain a single pound, you’d have to eat another 3500 calories on top of those 2000. Thats 5500 calories. 5500 calories is a ****ing lot of calories, okay? 

Lets take a look at what 5500 calories looks like. 

One slice of a large pepperoni pizza from pizza hut is 330 calories. You’d have to eat a little over 2 entire large pepperoni pizzas to hit 5500 calories. 
One crunchy taco from taco bell is 170 calories. To eat 5500 calories, you’d have to eat 32 tacos. 
One double cheeseburger from mcdonalds is 440 calories. 12 of those is 5500 calories. 
21 cheetos are 160 calories. 714 cheetos are 5500 calories. 
Was whatever junk you ate probably a bad choice health-wise? Probably. 

Did you ruin all your progress? No. 

Did you even eat enough to gain an entire whole pound? Nooope. 

Are you going to survive, drink some water, go for a walk or run in the morning, and forgive yourself? Yep. You are. 

Know why? 

Cause **** happens. 

But we move on, and we stay determined. 

Stop freaking out. Forgive yourself." 

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