Wednesday, August 8, 2012

7 Days Down

I've now done 7 days straight of the 30DS and I'm proud.  The first 2 days left me very sore!  The next 2 not as sore so I bumped up the weights.  I've been sick and feeling like crap, but I am pushing through, I HAVE to, mostly because I know I can and because I want to push myself.  I even feel like I'm not pushing myself during some of the video so I try harder.

I can do girl push-ups!  And I can do several of them!  I am ashamed to say that a few months ago I could do one and not be able to get up from the next one.

I'm kind of nervous about moving to level 2 in a few days.

I want to bitch slap JM every time she says "just a couple more" and then we do like 10 more.  And when she says "don't stop, we're right there with you."  I want to punch her and say "Bitch those girls might be with me, but the only thing you've been moving is you lips!"

Now I just need to get my eating back on track.  I've really been wanting to eat my emotions away, but I'm resisting!  It's HARD.  I haven't been tracking the best and that normally means I'm not eating the best.  I need to get myself in check!

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