Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Good Start

Nope, not really.

Sunday was supposed to be my first day of Level 2 on 30DS.  Well I had a little too much fun Saturday night.  I honestly can't remember the last time I drank like that.  I'm pretty sure I was still drunk Sunday morning when we got up and went to breakfast.  We got the girls from my MIL's and then we spent half the afternoon in my room watching Shrek over and over (yay 3 year olds).  Then we went and picked up stuff for spaghetti and had a wonderful dinner with my sister.  After getting home after 8pm I was not about to do day one of level 2 and then get up at 4am and do it again.

So 4am Monday morning rolls around and guess who wakes up, the baby.  I tried, I fed her, I put her in her swing and I started, she let me get through circuit 1 before she had had enough.  I tried to figure something out, but she just wasn't having it.  Before I knew it I had to get in the shower and there went my work out.

I tried to be good eating cause I was pretty sure that I wasn't getting work out in.  Thank god I ate well at work cause dinner was a 3 Meat Pizza and bread sticks.  And since I felt like I'd been starving all day (and I resisted the urge to stuff my face), I had 3 *gasp* slices of pizza and 2 of the smallest bread sticks.  Yeah, holy face stuffing at dinner.  At 6 though I had convinced my 3 year old to sit in the over sized rocking chair with her sister and watch me work out.  I even put my work out clothes on!  The second I set the baby down she started screaming and for the next hour I had to walk her around the house to keep her quiet.  I'm still not sure if it was gas or teeth, but hey the walking got me sweating a little so I guess its better than nothing.

On the plus side, I logged all my food and I was just within my calorie goal!

Today Jillian kicked my ass on Day 1 of Level 2, but in the next 10 days I will own that shit!

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