Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 16

Fist I want to say a big Hello to my new followers!  Hi ya'll  I'm guessing your here from Mama L's FitCamp.    Isn't it such a great place?  If you don't know what I'm talking about you should check it out! You should also check out her blog Mama Laughlin!  Great read!

First today was weigh in day, I was fully expecting a gain.  I'm getting to the point where my losing has slowed and every week I'm starting to think I'm just not going to lose anything.  This week was a loss of 0.6lbs.  That's right, a whole half a pound.  I'm glad I didn't go up, but I'm not happy with myself.  I feel like I should be pushing more, but my body just doesn't seem to want to.  One of those things where I just want to punch myself.

Maybe some of it is my eating.  I haven't been perfect and logging quite as much as I should I guess.  *If I'm really honest with myself I've done a lot of guessing on servings and not measuring*  This week *meaning starting Monday, cause damn it it's the weekend and I have fun plans* I'm going to start planning and measuring better!  I need to enter more recipes into MFP and stick to the serving sizes, it's just so damn time consuming!  I HATE entering recipes!

As for exercise, today started Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred!  OH EM GEEEE!  This is where I say my body won't let me push more... Before I finished Circuit 2 my head was throbbing from my blood pressure being up. During circuit 3 of the cardio I couldn't keep up, but it wasn't because of the cardio, it was because my calves were burning so bad they just wouldn't get my feet off the ground.  I will not give up, I will push through this and in 10 days be amazed with myself!!!

Level 3 Day 1 Complete!
So what exercise have you done today?  And please if you have an infant, toddler, pre-schooler tell me how you get it done with them awake!

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  1. You're doing great - just stick with it. Do you have a food scale? I have always had problems with recipes and guessing how much of a certain thing I was eating. Now I have a food scale and it takes alot of the guess work out. As far as exercising with the kids - I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old - some nights I wait until 8:00 when they are in bed. Lately I have been doing it as soon as we get home, I might be lucky but usually mine will just play in the room I am working out in (the basement), or I turn a cartoon on, on the computer and they watch that while I work out. I do what I can, when I can - like Mama Laughlin says - if you want it bad enough you will find a way =)(or something like that, ha!)


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