Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 14

Not much of a loss this week, but 0.6 down is better than 0.6 up!  It's gotta be the damn breakfasts we've been eating!  Ok, so I know that's it and the not so healthy dinners a few times this week too!

"Sure, I'll have a second piece of pizza and another chicken wing."

"What, you made peach cobbler.  Of course I'm going to have some! Oh and ice cream to go with it, why not?"

Oh yes and my sister surprised with cake batter puppy chow.

I guess I should be happy I didn't gain anything.

Saturday I did day 10 of JM 30DS.  I don't think I've been pushing myself quite as hard as I should be, but in 10 days I've lost a total of 2.5".  1 from my waist, half from my hips and 1 between my thighs.

I will do better this week!  I will track ALL my food!

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