Thursday, August 16, 2012

Push It

I definitely pushed it to the max yesterday.

The day didn't start off too good when I turned off my alarm and fell back asleep!  Good thing my body automatically woke me up at 5 when I normally start getting ready for work.  I was down all day about random stuff and I really think some of it wouldn't have been so bad if I had been able to work out.

Guess what, I went home, put on my workout clothes and sneakers and popped that bitch in!  That's right, this girl did Level 2 30DS at 5pm with an infant and a pre-schooler at home, while daddy made dinner!

I will be honest, I don't know how people do it with a 3 year old running around the whole time, all the time, but it was cute the way she tried to do everything with me.  Biggest problem is her mouth never stops *I think it gets more exercise than the rest of her* and she always wants me to look and talk and well I just can't do that!  But my point is, I made the time!  I worked so hard I had to wait to eat because I felt weak and sick to my stomach, I felt pride!

And guess what, I got up this morning at 3:45am and did it again!  That's right folks, less than 12 hours later I did it again.  I couldn't keep up the way I wanted, but I felt like I was gonna die when I was done.  And that feeling makes me feel like there is a whole new world out there, it gives me hope.

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